I'm Alex, the owner and sole woodworker of RPG coasters.  I live with my wife, little daughter and our two dogs in a town near Madison, Wisconsin.  

RPG coasters started as a Kickstarter campaign after I wanted to make some coasters for our 5th Ed D&D group.  I'm not an artist really, I love drawing but it's usually machine parts instead of sweet swords.  So I scoured the internet for an artist to coerce into making me some artwork for the coasters.   I found some of Dan Warren's work and tracked him down.  After talking to him, he was up for the task at hand.   With the artwork in hand I set about making the coasters on my homemade CNC router.  

The coasters were received well by the group and they convinced me they could be a product.  I talked to Dan about the possibility of making a lot more artwork and he was up for it.  Apparently a lot of other people liked them enough to make the campaign a success. 

Upcoming Events

gamehole con - Madison, WI - Nov 4-6

First time attending. Looking forward to a local Con!  We're in booth E.  Gamehole Con Website



I've heard a lot of great stuff about this Con!  Come see us in booth 131!  Gary Con Website

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